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We were the first tandem skydiving school in the Western U.S. We’re the only U.S. drop zone with an FAA waiver to skydive above 28,000′, and we’re the only ones in Northern California to tandem skydive above 22,000′. We’re also the only Northern California facility approved for training by the Department of Defense

With us, a tandem skydive is more than just a ride – we teach all of our students to deploy & fly the parachute – if they choose –
and the instruction works toward future training.

We’re a Group Member affiliate and training center of the U.S. Parachute Association (USPA). And of course our instructors are all licensed, USPA instructors. Our top two instructors alone have a combined experience of more than 45 years and 25,000 skydives.

Our planes are maintained to FAA Part 135 standards – a higher standard than the FAA requires for skydiving operations. In addition, we require specialized training for all of our jump pilots. We also replace our parachutes every two years even tho they’re still good.

Our Owner/President wrote the book (literally) on “Skydiving Flight Operations and Training Standards.” We partnered with Pacific Aerospace Ltd to design and build an aircraft specifically for skydiving. This includes our own unique design for impact-absorbing jump benches that you’ll only find in our planes.

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