Learn A Little More About SkyDance SkyDiving

A Bit Of History:

SkyDance SkyDiving opened its doors in February 1987 with the desire to bring a great Skydiving facility back to the Sacramento and Northern California area. (The previous great Skydiving Mecca of Northern California had closed its doors in May of 1980. That property was sold and what was a great DZ gave way to grape stakes.)

On a wing and a prayer (actually an old C-182 jump plane and a meager credit line), two skydivers combined their resources. They spent close to two years trying to convince the gentle folks of Yolo County that not all skydivers were weird lunatics out to shock the real world.

They signed a lease and put in a triple wide modular office building while standing in winter mud up to their knees, opening for business by plugging in the power to a small gas generator.  But the new DZOs wanted a more permanent power solution.  Oh no! – the local Power Company wanted $75,000 to run power to the new facility!

…So it took a couple more months for the new proud DZO’s to dig a ditch, set a pole, run a power line, and install a transformer and get the power company to turn them on. And life was good.

The DZ was busy. Events were happening. The 1988 Olympic Skydiving Exhibition Team trained here. The Wolf girls were born. Teams came from far and wide to train.

The Jumpers were landing in a friendly farmer’s nearby field (thank you Saint Duane). In an effort to get landing rights on the drop zone itself, the DZO’s went about working to convince the county that this was a great DZ and deserved the same good relationship with the County that any other FBO on the airport had (SkyDance was the airport’s only FBO).

The friendly (we’re here to help) FAA agreed to do an examination of all the pertinent safety issues and give an opinion within 180 days. Some nine years later the FAA asked the DZO’s to withdraw their request for an answer.

…By then the county had become comfortable enough with SkyDance to allow the jumpers to land on site. So they agreed to let the FAA off the hook and life was good.

But during all this time the young, handsome, energetic and optimistic DZO’s became older, less energetic. The good fight had taken its toll. One of the DZO’s retired and went on to make it big in the Hollywood stunt world.

The other decided that the DZ was worth saving. Being surrounded by lots of good folks that felt the same, new energy was infused and SkyDance once again was a happening place. Freeflying was born and Hybrid jumps brought new and old jumpers together.

…There was only one thing missing: A place to have a cold drink, watch the sunset load then watch the Sun setting to the west.

Sunset @ SkyDance is a natural progression.