The AFF Program

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The AFF Program

The AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Program is so named because the course is accelerated to get you skydiving on your own after only 7 or so jumps (depending on how fast you get through it).

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Tandem Skydiving in Sacramento and Northern California
Tandem Skydiving in Sacramento and Northern California

The Course

The AFF program is designed for people who want to learn to skydive on their own. Here, you will be trained to jump from the plane with two licensed instructors holding on to your harness.

Since you will be essentially on your own after your parachute is open, this method of learning to skydive involves an 4-6 hour First Jump Course ground school. Weather permitting you would make your first jump later in the day.

After the First Jump Course, you will use your own provided parachute, deploy your main canopy, and land it – all on your own!

 Let’s start out simple! On your first jump, with licensed instructors holding on to your harness, you’ll be required to pull your own parachute – at the proper altitude and in the proper position. But with each progressing level, you’ll be taught more and more maneuvers in the air, and you’re skills will increase with each level of instruction.

 Afterwards, you will be coached and helped through your progression to your “A” license.  At this point you are not forgotten and ignored… You are now part of our skydiving community! We mentor and help you as you acquire new skills and confidence, and we have plenty of Coaches to help you become a seasoned skydiver.

Click here  for a great video on the USPA website,  “Beyond The First Jump”

Tandem Skydiving in Sacramento and Northern California


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