Why Choose SkyDance?

Here’s Some Reasons

We are the only DZ in Northern CA that offers ALL of the following:


USPA-affiliated Group Member DZ

USPA Training Center

USPA certified skydiving instructors

Modern & safe turbine aircraft with properly trained pilots

Tandem skydives routinely go as high as 22,000’ and higher

The newest tandem skydiving equipment available

Students are provided with a jumpsuit & altimeter and taught when and how to pull the ripcord

We have a full-service rigging loft

Our on-site gear store, Action Air Parachutes, has it all

Home of Flite Suit – a global jump suit retailer

We’re a GoPro authorized dealer

We offer indoor and outdoor packing

We have a great patio bar

Semi annual 30,000 HALO skydives

Etc, etc, etc

Here, at SkyDance SkyDiving it’s not just a ride, it’s a SKYDIVING EXPERIENCE.

Check with any other DZ and ask if they can say yes to all of the above. The true answer is NO.



  P750XL – TX Turbine Supervan – Cessna 172

                    Dedicated Swoop Lane

                                                                                  Patio Bar

 GoPro Authorized Dealer

Camping/Showers                                          Lots of Outs

                            Indoor/Outdoor Packing


                                      Full-Service Rigging Loft

                      Action Air Parachutes

                                                    Flite Suit

                            30,000′ HALO Jumps