A Message From The President

Ray Farrell, Owner/President

Whether you’re planning your first skydiving adventure or you are a veteran skydiver, I want to thank you for trusting SkyDance SkyDiving to provide you with as safe and fun a skydiving experience as possible. If you are reading this – to check us out – I hope you find what you’re looking for. Please let us know if you do not or if you have any questions.

Our goal is your complete and total satisfaction in your Skydiving Experience. May it be an event of a Lifetime. We have worked tirelessly for over 30 years to provide our customers with the best and safest parachute equipment and aircraft – along with a capable crew of highly trained, USPA certified instructors. You deserve nothing less for your hard-earned dollars.

…Which brings me to our pricing:

Occasionally someone will ask “I’ve found another drop zone with cheaper prices. Why should I pay more here?”

Well, the short answer is that quality costs more. If people knew what they were sacrificing for a cheaper skydive – at other drop zones, they would not consider it much of a bargain!  Many internet marketers are jacking up their prices so they can pretend to offer big discounts.  And you rarely get what you pay for unless you buy in to their “upgrades”

I decided long ago that we would not compete on prices in a business where the potential for disaster can be measured in money saved on aircraft maintenance, parachute gear, and proper training.

SAFETY must be part of a company’s culture.

Some of the things we’ve been doing since 1986:

  • Our airplanes are maintained to FAA Part 135 standards – a higher standard than the FAA requires for skydiving operations.
  • In addition to exceeding the FAA minimum standards, we require additional, specialized Jump Pilot training. I wrote the book (literally) on “Skydiving Flight Operations and Training Standards” for the Skydiving Industry.
  • We partnered with Pacific Aerospace, Ltd to design and build a turbine aircraft specifically for the Skydiving Industry, the P-750XL.
  • This includes our own unique design for impact-absorbing jump benches, which you will only find in our jump planes.
  • Every two years we replace our parachutes with new equipment even though the old parachutes are still airworthy. We only accept the latest, proven technology in parachute gear to ensure that your skydiving experience is as safe and fun as possible. (A New Tandem Parachute System’s value is over $15,000).
    (Our used gear is sold to other DZ’s.)

Higher Standards Require Greater Investment, which we believe is worthwhile.

Setting and maintaining these high standards requires a substantial and continual financial investment. And happily, this keeps us from competing in the “bargain-basement pricing” of other drop zones.

As the founder and President of SkyDance SkyDiving, I refuse to operate this business as just ‘good enough to be legal’ or to run a ‘Tandem Mill’. Every Tandem Student that jumps with us receives proper instruction that includes an opportunity to “Pull the Ripcord,” fly the parachute, and learn about the wonderful sport of Skydiving. It is a Skydiving Experience, not just a “ride”.

Does that mean you get what you pay for in the skydiving business? Well in a lot of ways, yes! So think carefully about what you choose to save money on!

The bottom line is this: You deserve our absolute best efforts to provide a safe, fun place to skydive, period!


Ray Ferrell

Tandem Skydiving in Sacramento and Northern California

Owner/President, SkyDance SkyDiving