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Solo Jump Skydiving

Solo jumps are available for experienced jumpers (licensed skydivers). Several tandem jumps with a certified instructor followed by a few jumps coached by the instructor is usually what is required in order for the instructor to feel confident you’ll be safe doing a solo.

You’ll need to get your A skydiving license before real solo jumps are opened up to you. This gives you the experience, training, and knowledge needed to handle a host of scenarios that may arise during the jump.

Skydiving Equipment Gear Rental

Some skydiving centers have gears you can rent for your jumps. Renting your rig at the skydiving center means your rig will be packed by a certified rigger and the chutes will open as expected. You may even get a quick lesson on parachute packing from your rigger.

Calling ahead is a good idea to get gauge how many people usually rent equipment and how many they have on hand. That way you won’t be caught arriving late and all the equipment have already been rented out.

Solo Jump Prices and Fees

The price for solo jumps (assuming you’re already licensed) can run anywhere from $80 to $200, depending on the skydiving center you’ve chosen. It can be cheaper if you have your own equipment (parachute, altimeter, helmet).

Call the drop zone to see what they offer and what packages are available to save you some cash (if you intend on multiple jumps).

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